Home Sweet (Second) Home

For those of you who have been reading our blogs, you may have read about how we have a condo in my husband's ex-wife's state.  What you may not know is how this came to be.  The story is funny, frustrating, and has opened a whole new chapter of our Blended Grind.  

Chapter 1: Please Clean Up Your Dog Poop
Chapter 2: That First Night KILZ'd Me
Chapter 3: Oh The Smells You Will Smell

The Grind

In the 5 short days that my husband spent in the condo, our party of five was all hands on deck knocking out some work.  My husband and our youngest knocked out a lot of work in the condo itself -- getting new floors in, new lights/outlets installed, and some interior painting done.  Back home, cabinet doors were painted, interior design decisions were made, and job site supervision often occurred over FaceTime.

Pictures of the Progress Before COVID Hinders Our Plans

The First 48 Hours

In less than 48 hours, my husband drove 900 miles, closed on our new condo, and turned what could've been a nightmare into a place we could call our (second) home.

Before and After Photos Of His First Trip to our Condo

What it took in those first two days